Santi Jatra

Asom Sattra Mahasabha functions towards preserving peace and harmony in society. It's Santi Jatra in the year 2000 was an effort which marked it sincere resolve for a peaceful existence.


It's a joint effort spearheaded in collaboration with Srimanta Foundation, in 2003, presently known as "Setubandha Bhaona Samaroh", where different communities of Assam participate in performance of Ankia Bhaona. This is another example of Asom Sattra Mahasabha's relentless pursuit of establishing communal harmony in society. This event is organized in regular intervals to continue promoting the Sattriya Culture among the youth and different communities in the society.

Centenary Celebration, Sivasagar

The Glorious historical place of Assam, Sivasagar also celebrated the Centenary of this great organization in April, 2014. It presented a plethora of events including discussions and cultural performances.

Sattriya Sanskriti Divas

On 15th November 2000, the prestigious Sangeet Natak Academy bestowed classical status on 'Sattriya Nriya'. This marked the ultimate honor of the efforts of many scholarly people who fought for the coveted status, to be conferred on Sattriya Nritya. To commemorate this momentous feat, Asom Sattra Mahasabha, organizes 'Sattriya Sanskriti Divas' which is a panorama of cultural events, performed by an ensemble of Artists. In 2014, the New Delhi Chapter organized the event with glorious success on 15th November.

Centenary Celebration, New Delhi

On 7th December, 2014, the New Delhi Chapter of Asom Sattra Mahasabha is organizing a day long program of Centenary celebrations which will be attended by various distinguished personalities of India. With many performances, including an Ankia Bhaona, to be performed by a team of artists from Koliabor Assam, this event promises to be grandeur of talent and much more.

Srimanta Sankardeva Tirobhav Tithi Celebration,
New Delhi

On 15th September 2015, the New Delhi Chapter of Asom Sattra Mahasabha organised Naam Peasanga on the occasion of the Tithi of Mahapurush Sankardeva at the Jagannath (Puri) Temple in Green Park, New Delhi.